MyInnerArtist – The FREE Workshop that starts you on your journey to creative freedom! Awaken your Inner Artist and change your view of life forever!

MyInnerArtist Workshop is 5 days, it’s FREE! and we will be with you LIVE every day!

we cover topics such as

  • Being an artist
  • Making your creativity visible
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Painting Styles and Mediums
  • Inspiration, Composition
  • What the eye sees…
  • Preparation and equipping yourself
  • and more….

Have you always wanted to have a go at painting??

Been too busy? Never found the time or haven’t got around to it yet?

Maybe you didn’t know what to paint, or you didn’t want to paint on your own?

Had your confidence knocked?… that happens all too often!

You want to but you feel nervous or find it daunting?

Suffer from ‘I can’t even draw a stick man!’ syndrome…..

Or maybe, you just want someone else to share the experience with?!

If you can relate to any of these, then you are in the right place!

Awaken your Inner Artist! Believe in yourself and reap the benefits a life with art can bring, not just for the satisfaction of achievement but the amazing benefits to mind and wellbeing.

You can do this! So let’s take a step towards making it happen for you!

During our 5 Day FREE Live Workshop, we will share the secrets of releasing the artist within you, show you how to overcome barriers and set yourself up for a life that embraces your own unique and wonderful creative personality.

We want you to discover your zone of genius, and grow your artistic self-confidence and have a little fun along the way. We will show you how to get started.

MyInnerArtist FREE 5-Day Workshop

next date to be announced

We will be getting to know each other in the Facebook Group and sharing more information in the run-up to the Workshop.

MyInnerArtist FREE Workshop will enlighten, inform, encourage and prepare you for the journey to discover your own inner artist.


This is what our guests say about MyInnerArtist…

Janet –  I really enjoyed the workshop. I learnt about different styles of painting and the types of equipment needed. I also learnt that everyone has different styles that they like. I was always nervous about joining a group as I thought most people would have been to art school or were quite knowledgeable about art but it’s really nice to know there are other people who just want to learn as I do and may not have had any experience in art.

Carol –  What did I gain? Loads. Loved the talk about the types of art and how we are all drawn to different things. The talk by Lauriel and Gemma. Two different view-points and what they felt they had achieved. The info about what we see and how the old grey matter fills in the gaps. The info on materials used was great too. I liked that every day was different too. It really did inspire me to want to have a go. 

99% of our guests say they are ‘Very Likely’ to recommend MyInnerArtist Workshop to others!

Ann – I enjoyed the talk about being positive and say to yourself you can do it. I liked the explanations regarding the equipment, where to get it and the different types. I enjoyed Sarah’s talk it really helped to make me feel more confident about my Paintings. I also enjoyed listening to Jan as she gave me ideas for my work as I am very much a beginner.

Gail – Can’t believe that it’s not just me who has so much self-doubt, and always expects every attempt to be perfect. Really loved the session on what the eye sees. Explained why just giving the suggestion of something works so well. Loved the input of the other artists and Sarah

Claire –  I thought it was a really good introduction, it got me thinking about inspiration and what I like in a painting. The info about equipment was really useful. The best thing is all of the sessions combined made me want to paint!

Outside of the MyInnerArtist Workshop
Many of our guests are now unleashing their creativity in fun painting sessions with nJoyArt….

– Fantastic informative teaching. Great results from everyone

Andy – A great learning experience for the amateur or first time artist wishing to try out painting, with guidance from an expert and a bit of fun thrown in.

Jo – My daughter went along today and had a great time. She went saying that she couldn’t paint and came home with a beautiful picture.

Astrid – Great experience… very relaxed and supportive group and can’t believe how my first ever acrylic painting turned out. Would definitely recommend…

Jasmine – What an amazing evening I had! The class was very relaxed and there was no wrong way of doing it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone….

Andrea – … Please even if you are a beginner and nervous and have put it off for a lack of confidence (like I have for 40 years) don’t delay just have a go! I’d never painted before….very therapeutic

Hannah – Had an amazing time at my art class today. It gave me more confidence and was fun to just let go and relax. I love that you don’t need to be Picasso to come out with something that brings a smile to your face. Everyone’s pieces are different in their own way. Definitely would recommend!!

Kaitlyn – I went in thinking I was awful at art, but came out amazed at what I had painted.

*The testimonials and opinions presented are those of the individuals depicted. They were provided voluntarily, with no payment, product, service or other benefit given in exchange for their contribution. The nJoyArt full reviews can be seen on the @nJoyArtUK Facebook page.
Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are representative of client experience but the exact results and experiences will be unique and individual to each client based upon their own efforts and actions within the program.

But wait…there’s more

…. in addition to the 5 days live, there are Bonus Modules
Art and Wellbeing
and Experience a nJoyArt painting session

plus there’s still more …
Hear from experts
There’ll be GIVEAWAYS
And the opportunity to share information ask questions and get involved

MyInnerArtist FREE 5 Day Live Workshop
next date to be announced
It could change your life! What have you got to lose?!

During the MyInnerArtist Workshop, Jan will be Live at 7pm (UTC) each day for 5 days.
We encourage you to attend the live sessions when they are broadcast, but they will be recorded and available for replay until day 9.
In order to take part, you need to be a member of the Facebook group. Aside from access to Facebook, you will not need to download any software or require any other equipment. Instructions are sent by email once you sign-up

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